Paperback - 126 pages
ISBN: 0-9764886-7-1


Anthology: Civil-Rights Play, Stories, Essays, Poems(Mature Themes)


"Compelling and Relevant: An experience of considerable power."


"Powerful and Disturbing."
- Bookspan, WPIX-TV

"Deeply Moving."
- NY Amsterdam News

Paperback - 51 pages
ISBN: 0-9764886-4-7


Memoir Stream & Stories: (Mature Themes)

"John Scott's voice is unique."


Paperback - 92 pages
ISBN: 0-9764886-5-5


Includes the following plays:

The Zaire Mark: Events before the Foreman/Ali Championship Fight.
Cuttin' Up & Pressin' On: A musical parody of black barber & beauty shops.
Anthem Suite: Musical centennial tribute: "Lift Every Voice & Sing"
Citizen Belafonte: A musical tribute to the activism and career of Harry Belafonte.

"Marvelous satirical swipes."

"One of the best contemporary playwrights."
- DOUGLAS TURNER WARD, Co-Founder of the Negro Ensemble Company (NEC)

Afternoons At The A.O. Cafe'
Paperback - 28 pages
ISBN: 0-9764886-6-3


AFTERNOONS AT THE A.O. CAFE'is a collection of very short stories & lying tales from mostly black men retirees in Holy Toledo (OH).

"I consider John Scott one of the best contemporary writers."
- Douglass Turner Ward, Playwright-Director
The Negro Ensemble Company (NEC)
New York, NY

My Little Black Book
Paperback - 60 pages
ISBN: 0-9764886-3-9


A collection of memoir essays and stories detailing the author's signature lifeime experiences:
    At Historically Black Colleges & Universities
    About Black Love & Liberation
    Of Famous Black People Met & Places Been
    With Black Archives of Profit & Loss

"The dilemma of the Black intellectual is powerfully dramatized by Dr. Scott." - O'Horigan, Christian Science Monitor

Paperback - 332 pages
ISBN: 0-9764886-2-0


KALEIDOSCOPE is an anthology of full-length plays produced off-Broadway in New York and on Public Television.

Ride A Black Horse and Time Turns Black peels away layers of intellectual and emotional investments paid by participants and witnesses of America's Civil Rights turmoil.

"Compelling and relevant
- Neuman, NBC-TV

A Musical drama, Karma unveils the complications of an independent woman's romantic choices and actions. A drug culture peril and inter-ethnic competition enlivens the action.

"Deeply moving...season's best musical."
- Ali Wadud, N.Y. Amsterdam News

The Good Ship Credit is a musical comedy set in an asylum featuring a businessman, schoolteacher, computer programmer-mystic, a street hustler and an aloof married degenerates: all having mortgaged away thier identities on callousness and conspicuous comsumption. The HooDoo Priest-Psychiatrist directs the hilarity.

"Marvelous satirical swipes...a tough-minded maturity...
Praise the roof off of the music and the direction of John Scott."

- Loren Lieberthal, N.Y. Entertainment

Currents: From The Rivers of Our Fathers is a historical drama tracing four generations of a family's romantic entanglements and consequences through a patriarchal novelist.

"The father is a great creation."
- Woodie King, Jr., Producer, N.Y. New Federal Theatre

(Special Order Only)

Paperback - 190 pages
ISBN: 0-9764886-1-2


This collection of one-act plays represents a broad view of the author's early writing about African-American life.

Talk With The Spirits is a young man/s struggle for identity. A teleplay, Pieces of A Man engages the responsibilities of young fatherhood.

Black Sermon Rock is the connecting play - a comic funeral for the protagonists - in the full length plays Ride A Black Horse and Time Turns Black to form a trilogy which opens the chaos of the "in the streets" conflicts of the Civil Rights Movement in America's urban cities.

The Alligator Man is a musical fantasy inspired by the self-imposed expatriation of Jazzman Sonny Rollins.

Combined with music and film, Shades is two connected plays exploring interracial romance and chilling revenge.

"One of the most thorough, scholarly and germane
writers during the past decades."

- Carlton Molette, Ph.D., Co-Author, Black Theatre: Premise and Presentation

Lizard Therapy
Paperback - 84 pages
ISBN: 0-9764886-0-4


Lizard Therapy is intended as literary therapeutic self-applications to give immediate relief to having the blues and provide insight into soothing the aches and pains of complicated relationships. The combinations of poetry & songs, monologues and short stories represent the creative core of the author's best writing. Styles range from existential to fanciful applications of HooDoo wizardry.

"John Scott's voice is unique. It is stimulating
and individualistic as is his perception of America's
social problems which very much concern him."

- Lloyd Richards, Director, Former Dean, Yale School of Drama

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